Curacao Trip

We just got back from a fun week in Curacao. It is a small island in the Caribbean just north of Venezuela. It is owned by the Netherlands just like Aruba and Bonaire. These pictures show some of our highlights from the fun week: (We got a new digital video camera and I thought it would be neat to add video to our blog, but when I tried to upload the video the computer kept crashing....I guess it is time to upgrade to a Mac. like Al, Cathy, Emily, and Cheryl.)In Willemsted - Punda district. The kids loved all of the colorful buildings and the floating bridge.
They got their faces painted with a Curacoan Flag at the Kids Club.

Jumping on the floating trampoline with Daddy and Grandpa.

Sailboat snorkel trip.

Andrew and Abby were so brave to snorkel all by themselves.

Kayak rides and searching for crabs.

Playing at the beach! (Anthony's favorite activity)

Abigail's favorite part of the trip: doing "tricks" in the swimming pool.

This is the kids enjoying their last "Miami Vice" drink before we left. (mix of Strawberry daquari and Pina Colada). Andrew said that was his favorite part of the trip - drinking lots of Miami Vices.