Our new little Puppy - Pepper

While in St. George, Paul bought me a puppy Shih-tzu. This was totally spontaneous. They were a good price, but he mostly got it because he could tell I was really jealous when Pete brought one back to the house for Cathy. Check out her post for more on that story and some really cute pictures of Pepper's brother, Rhino.

Pepper is such a cute puppy with a really sweet personality. I can already tell that she is a smart dog because she has hardly had any accidents and just mostly likes to pee outside. She loves Kaya and the two of them are getting along great - they are such a funny looking pair. Pepper cried the first two nights she was home. Then the next night, I let her out of her crate and she slept by Kaya and did not cry at all the whole night. Kaya is so happy, too and treating Pepper like the puppy she never had. The kids love her and are really enjoying having a puppy.

With now 2 dogs in and out of the house, we had to move the chicks (which are now getting huge) to the garage until we make them a coop outside. We also couldn't really stand their smell much longer.

Mothers' Day in St George

We had a fun little escape last weekend to St. George. Cathy and Pete and their kids came along. We went on a couple of fun hikes at Snow Canyon (hopefully Cathy will post some of those pics since I forgot my camera that day), went swimming a lot, ate great food, The Dads took the kids to a movie, and we did some garage sale-ing. One of our best finds were the pool chairs pictured here for just a $1 each. I was almost not going to buy them because they looked so junky and dirty on someone's driveway - but they were a hit! It is funny how junky things can look at yard sales. Oh yes, and we spontaneously bought a new puppy for Mothers' Day. (next post)