Fall Break in St George

We had a great long weekend in St. George for UEA break.  It was so nice to be in warm weather again.  Suz and her girls stayed with us one night and the kids had fun swimming together.  We had a great time on Saturday wakeboarding and surfing behind Kimberly and Robert's boat at Sand Hollow Reservoir (even though the water was a little cold).  Abigail lost her first tooth and the toothfairy found her at our St. George home!  We are now trying to adjust to a greater than 30 degree temp drop!


Happy Birthday Superman!!

Phillip and William working as a team at the Gateway Museum.

The life-flight helicopter

Anthony having fun at Chuck E Cheese!

Here are some photo highlights from Anthony's 3rd birthday.  He has been begging for a Superman birthday for months.  On the morning of Anthony's birthday, he came running into my room and gave me a hug.  I told him Happy Birthday and he touched his head and said "I'm still little.... I want another birthday!"

On Monday we met a whole bunch of cousins at the gateway.  We celebrated Anthony, Phillip, and Joseph's birthday at the food court and gave all of the kids happy meals and Cathy made some yummy cupcakes.   We all then went to the Discovery Gateway Museum to play.  The kids had so much fun playing there.  I loved watching all of the cousins work as a team building things with the oversized-stuffed blocks in the construction area.

On Wednesday, Anthony's actual birthday, we had a Superman party at Chuck E Cheese with some more cousins.  They all had a great time.  Ally was the best at winning tickets with over 400.  Grandpa said, "thats great - now you can get a plastic little ball."  It was nice not to have a party at home, because I didn't have to worry about much mess - only the mess of making and decorating a cake and trying to figure out where to put all of the new toys.