First Day of School

Here is Abigail at her first day of school: 

Abigail is really enjoying Kindergarten so far.  She loves being able to ride the bus home and I can tell she feels so big and important.  I have to admit that I did choke up a bit and I shed a tear as she walked into the classroom on Monday.  It makes me feel like I'm getting old and becoming a real "mom" because I have a child in school.  After a few days of school, she said "I'm never bad at school, because I don't like to get in trouble."  Also, on Monday, as Abigail came off the bus, Anthony was so excited to see her, but he was really disappointed that he couldn't ride.  He said "I want to go to kindergarten and ride the bus.  no fair!"


Busy Summer Continues

Unsuccessful fishing at Wahsatch St park in Midway

Playing in the sprinklers at the Olsen's cabin.

Henry, Timothy, Kate, Austin, and Isabelle - hanging out at Opa's house.

Morning view from Dad's Bear Lake Farm (pic taken by Al)

The biggest challenge of the Bear Lake trip - Here is Emily feeding 13 kids at once (yes, the babies count, too because usually one or both of them were hungry during meal times.)  This shows the kids favorite meal - Breakfast for Dinner.

Austin enjoying at day at Bear Lake.

"This is the summer of fair weather."  That is a line from the movie Saturday's Warrior that applies to us right now.  We have just been on-the-go and having fun all summer ever since Austin was born.  We had visits from Suz and Mary and their families.  We spent a weekend in Midway with Cathy and Pete, and then we went back to Bear Lake (while Paul traveled for business) with Al and Emily and their kids.