More Fall Pictures

Here are some pictures of some fun things that have kept us busy this fall:

Taking 5 kids to a BYU game - Needless to say, I could hardly watch the game.

Abby, Anthony, Andrew, Austin at the top of Lavell Edwards Stadium

A fall trip to St. George

All the boys enjoying the hot St. George weather

At the park in St. George

Conference Weekend:
Kim and her family came up for the weekend and camped in the trailer.  We also saw Cathy and Pete that weekend because they were staying at their cabin in Midway.

Robert and Paul took all the kids on the Heber Creeper

Austin was so happy to ride the train after watching it pass our house everyday.

Hailee, Anthony, Austin, Andrew, Phillip, & Abby
It was about 90 degrees on Oct 2nd, so we pulled out the waterslide - how fun!

Cathy & I enjoyed her new I-PAD while the boys went to priesthood session.

Lots of kids watching a movie while we were enjoying Cathy's IPAD

Cascade Springs

Cascade Springs

Dallin, Andrew, Austin, Abby, Hailee, Avonlea

Anthony, Abby, and Joseph at the Pumpkin Patch


Our trip to Phoenix for Fall Break:
We were not much help to Suz, but we made some great food.
I recommend a trip to AZ, just for Suz's home-made chilaquiles.

Juju, Alexander, and Andrew

Susan & Alexander

Swimming in Susan's hot-tub

Somewhere along HWY 89 on our drive home.

What a beautiful rest-stop.


Fall Birthdays

Here are some pictures from our birthdays this fall.  Abby's birthday sneaked up on me really fast because it was less than 2 weeks after Alex was born.

On the night before her birthday, we celebrated with Dad and the boys at the Zermatt resort, because they were gone on her actual birthday to go to a BYU game in Colorado:

My kids have made it a tradition that they get breakfast in bed on their birthday:

Abby had a small slumber party with just a few cousins.  
They had fun playing outside and watching movies together.

  Here is Abby on her birthday.  
 Abigail is such a sweet daughter and sister.  I am so proud of her and excited for her to get baptized.
What a cutie! (Because of the new baby, I did not make a home-made cake.)

The morning after the sleep-over:

Grandma Hatch saved the day by sleeping over that night and helping with the girls and baby Alex:

Anthony's birthday was just a few weeks after Abby's.
Anthony chose a HALLOWEEN theme for his birthday
Here he is on his birthday with some of his cousins:

Anthony really wanted a pinata for his party, but I could not find one that was a Halloween theme.  The only ones I saw were transformers and they cost about $20.  So, on the afternoon of the party about an hour before everyone came, I decided to put this home-made pinata together.  I did not have time for paper- mache, so I used a box, glue gun, tape and paint.   Paul thought I was crazy for doing this at the last minute, but Anthony was so happy about it.

Here is Anthony with his Vampire Jack-o-Lantern cake:
We love Anthony - he is such a sweet, good boy.  I am glad that I get to spend everyday with him!


Our little baby Alexander

Here are some pictures of Alexander.  He is now 2 months old, and I am starting to slowly get in a routine with 5 kids, but life is very busy right now for me.  Alexander has been such a sweet baby and we are all so happy to have him in our family.  It is so cute to see how kids fall in love with a new sibling immediately.  They all love to hold him and talk to him to get him to smile.  They are great helpers, too by finding things for me like diapers, binkie, etc.  We are excited for his baby blessing this weekend along with Abigail's baptism.

In the hospital with Oma & Opa Wirthlin

Alexander: on the day he was born:

Happy Mommy:

Alexander meeting his sister and brothers:

Super Daddy! - Alexander loves Paul and smile and talks to him more than any other person.  I think Paul is his favorite person by far. (except when he is hungry - then he likes me best)

Abigail is a great helper and big sister

Here are a couple more recent pictures from last week: