Flylady.... where are you?

These are some images of what I woke up to this morning. (by the way - that is showing just a small portion of my laundry - I have two big bags still of dirty clothes from being gone last week). For the sake of not getting too embarrassed, I decided to not take pictures of the basement, my office, or the boys room. I was a little too depressed about the dishes this morning, so I decided to take a picture and complain about them - maybe this will give me some inspiration. For about a year and a half we were having these ladies from Argentina come and help clean the house one or two times a month - it was great and helped me keep on top of things. Recently, I decided I really can't afford that, so they haven't been here for over 2 months and I am really feeling buried in housework and disorganized closets and drawers. A few years ago, I got some good cleaning ideas from the flylady.net website. I even created the following cleaning schedule which really only works in a perfect world, or if you are really committed to it.
Luckily I found this document on my computer, so I guess it is a good place to start - I will have to go through this schedule, adjust it a little and start implementing it again so that I don't get so behind. One good thing is that lately my kids have been pretty good at making their beds every day and cleaning their rooms and the basement (if I enforce it).
Here is my IDEAL cleaning schedule: (sorry it is long) - I would appreciate any input - like I can already see a flaw - way too much on Monday - there is no way I could shop, and do all that mopping and stuff. I also need to take into account my daily work schedule as I think about this.

Before Bed Routine

1. Clean up the house (20 minutes - tops)

a. Living/Dining room: Pick up and put away things, toys, dishes, garbage, shoes. Straiten pillows.

b. Kitchen: Clean it up, sweep, wipe counter, shine sink, lay out clean dishcloths, and run the dishwasher. Clear hot-spots

c. Laundry/Den: Clear the hot spots- put things away.

d. Empty dishwasher if finished before bed.

2. Think about tomorrow

a. Check calendar for appointments.

b. Think about: What can I do tonight that will make tomorrow morning easier? (make a to-do list)

c. Set out stuff for breakfast.

d. Lay out clothes for tomorrow (including kids).

e. Get laundry ready for morning.

3. Get ready for bed.

a. Brush teeth, clean face, take out contacts.

b. Bath.

c. Write in journal or read for fun.

d. Say prayers.

Early - Morning Routine

1. Make bed.

2. Say prayers.

3. Scriptures – 10 minutes.

4. Get dressed.

5. Start laundry.

6. Exercise.

7. Switch laundry to dryer.

8. Get ready and clean bathroom

9. Dress kids and eat breakfast.

Morning Routine

1. Empty dishwasher

2. Get stuff ready for dinner.

3. Water plants/flowers.

4. Fold clothes.

5. Check to-do list.

6. Clear hotspots.



1. Clean out Fridge

2. Meal Plan and make grocery list.

3. Grocery shop

4. Mop kitchen, laundry, hallway, and bathroom.

5. Vacuum.

6. Laundry – kids

7. Dinner - leftovers


1. 30 min in Zone.

2. Laundry – whites.


1. Zone Cleaning Chores – 30-60 min.

2. Laundry – Darks.


1. Water and fertilize plants, flowers, garden.

2. Dust furniture, clean mirrors and doors.

3. Laundry – Towels.

4. 15 min in zone.

5. Clean bathrooms.


1. Empty and take out Trash – Paul.

2. Change sheets on beds.

3. File papers.

4. Pay bills and work on budget.

5. Clean off computer desk.

6. Clean out purse.

7. Clean out car.

8. Laundry – sheets, misc.

ZONE 1: Kitchen & Laundry Room.

Kitchen Detailed Cleaning List:

1. Empty and thoroughly clean refrigerator.

2. Clean microwave inside and out.

3. Clean stove & oven.

4. Wash canisters & knick-knacks.

5. Straiten drawers and cupboards.

6. Wash walls.

7. Wash inside of window and door.

8. Clean light fixture.

9. Scrub cabinet doors (a few at a time).

10. Clean under sink.

11. Clean big stove in corner.

12. Wash rugs.

Laundry Detailed Cleaning List:

1. Wipe down the top of washer and dryer.

2. Clear of counter.

3. Clean gunk inside washer dispenser and clean door.

4. Organize cupboards

5. Check for needed supplies.

6. Wash doors and window.

7. Wash rug.

8. Wash dog bed and dog bowls.

ZONE 2: Master Bedroom and Bathroom

Master Bedroom - Detailed Cleaning

1. Polish furniture.

2. Clean off top of dressers and nightstands.

3. Wash bedding and decorative pillows.

4. Flip mattress.

5. Wash windows and door.

6. Dust moldings and baseboards.

7. Clean light fixtures and fan.

Closet – Detailed Cleaning

1. Organize clothes – get rid of stuff.

2. Arrange shoes.

3. Straiten top shelves.

4. Wash mirror.

Master Bathroom – Detailed Cleaning

1. Scrub shower and door.

2. Wash rugs.

3. Clean mirror.

4. Clean scale.

5. Dust fixtures.

6. Organize cupboards and drawers.

7. Mop floor.

ZONE 3: Living/Dining room, Den, and Downstairs Bathroom

Living/Dining – Detailed Cleaning

1. Dust windowsills and blinds.

2. Clean windows.

3. Clean baseboards and moldings.

4. Vacuum rugs.

5. Vacuum couches.

6. Clean mirror.

7. Clean light fixtures.

8. Dust and polish furniture.

Den – Detailed Cleaning

1. Dust windowsills and blinds.

2. Clean windows.

3. Clean baseboards and moldings.

4. Dust/clean computer screen & keyboard.

5. Clear off desk and organize office supplies.

6. Organize bookshelf.

7. Clean out files.

8. Organize closet.

9. Check for needed supplies – cd’s, paper, stamps, etc.

Downstairs Bathroom – Detailed Cleaning

1. Scrub sinks.

2. Wash rug.

3. Clean mirrors.

4. Mop floor.

5. Stock with supplies.

ZONE 4: Kids rooms and Bathroom

Kids’ Rooms – Detailed Cleaning

1. Dust windowsills and blinds.

2. Clean windows.

3. Clean baseboards and moldings.

4. Vacuum under crib/ beds and rocker and in closet.

5. Flip mattresses.

6. Clean mirrors.

7. Clean light fixtures and fans.

8. Wash all bedding including decorative and curtains.

9. Straiten drawers, baskets, and closet.

10. Put away/get rid of out-grown clothes.

Upstairs Bathroom – Detailed Cleaning

1. Scrub counter and sinks.

2. Organize drawers.

3. Wash rugs.

4. Scrub tub.

5. Clean mirrors.

6. Wash window.

7. Mop floor.

ZONE 5: Basement

Basement Family Room – Detailed Cleaning

1. Dust windowsills and blinds.

2. Clean inside of windows.

3. Vacuum floor including stairs.

4. Clean mirror.

5. Dust/Clean TV & furniture.

6. Dust/polish furniture.

7. Organize toys/ get rid of junk.

Basement Bathroom – Detailed Cleaning

7. Scrub counter and sink.

8. Check for needed supplies.

9. Dust light fixture

10. Wash bath mat.

11. Scrub shower and tub.

12. Clean mirror.

13. Mop floor.

Basement Bedroom – Detailed Cleaning

1. Dust windowsills and blinds.

2. Clean windows.

3. Clean baseboards and moldings.

4. Wash bedding and decorative pillows.

5. Straiten closet.

Theater/Workout Room – Detailed Cleaning

1. Clean baseboards.

2. Vacuum couch.

3. Organize DVDs.

4. Dust exercise equipment.

5. Organize & inventory food storage.


Everyone has Flops!

This is a picture of my most recent cooking flop. I had started a sourdough sponge late one night and wrapped it in this cute black and white damp towel and placed it in the oven (draft-free spot) overnight. The next morning, I was boiling and baking bagels, so I turned the ovens on to 500 degrees. When I opened the oven to put in the bagels I noticed the sourdough sponge. "Ahhhh!!" I took it out and the towel was all burnt and the sponge turned into a sticky hot mess. I threw the towel away, (after trying to rinse it out and time after time it bled black liquid). and washed the bowl after it cooled. The bagels turned out really good and I was able to make a new sponge that day and bake sourdough bread the next. Cathy made me feel a little better by saying, "At least you used an oven-proof glass bowl - if it were me, it would have been a plastic bowl - melted all over and ruin the oven." Thanks, Cathy. I guess it is a good general rule to not put anything in the oven that is not oven-proof. Or even a better rule - Maybe I should open my oven and make sure it is clear before I turn it on.

Hopefully next week I can catch up and blog some new pictures of my kids.