Halloween Cookies

A super fun, but very tiring activity for a Friday.  I don't recommend making these all in one day.  I should have made the dough and baked the cookies ahead of time.
Suz was my over-the-phone cookie consultant - thanks to her and this blog she recommended they turned out ok.
Royal Icing really is tricky.  I think it would work better next time with a real tip.  I couldn't find my plain decorating tip, so I just cut the corner off of a decorating bag.  I also like the idea in this blog of using the squeezie bottles.  We had one squeezy bottle that we used for the orange and it worked great.  
Austin LOVED the spider web cookies.  When it was bedtime he said, "sleeping is NOT fun, making cookies is fun.  Can we make Christmas Cookies tomorrow?"


RayAnne said...

So cute Becca!

Mommymita said...

You guys are experts! I don't have the energy to create treats like I do sewing, but I sure enjoy seeing what you and Suz come up with.

Slack mash said...

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